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Baby Moses News August 2019

baby moses mandela day

Baby Moses News August 2019

What did we get up to in August?

The children were invited to a host of functions during the winter. The Mother-and-Daughter morning was amazing, and all our girls had a great time. We enjoyed a Christmas in July by a local Harley Davidson chapter and again the children were spoiled with gifts, clothing, backpacks, tekkies and blankets.

They were treated to the movies and “Disney on Ice”, with lunch at McDonalds, ice cream, popcorn, slushies, donuts and treats, while safely accompanied and spoiled by high ranking uniformed police. The Life Flora Hospital organized a day of ten-pin-bowling, pizzas, cupcakes and party packs and Hair@Maria’s sponsored a special birthday with gifts, lazertag, sweets and a meal at the Spur.

By the time you read this, we would have had our charity brunch at Mount Usambara with Alan Heyl as speaker.

baby moses mcdonalds

June, July and August we celebrated many birthdays. The children were sponsored with birthday cakes, party packs, meals and gifts.

This really made them feel special and would not have been possible without our donors and friends.

Ask us about how you can sponsor a birthday party by sending an email to and use Birthday Party Sponship in the Subject Line.

baby moses mandela day

Mandela Day
Mandela day again proved very successful, and we managed to fill our store rooms with supplies, food, clothing, toiletries and stationery. The pressure was taken off a bit with many of the businesses and families preferring to spread their support before and after this date. This was great as it gave us more time to interact and to organise our storerooms. Thank you to all the donors and effort spent on this initiative. It is becoming an annual event in the diaries of charities.

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Repairs and maintenance drive
Repairs at the homes are well on its way. The girl’s bathroom at the Dion home has just been renovated and can now handle 3 times as much traffic as previously. Some minor repairs were done to the boy’s bathroom and cupboards. The water supply problems at the Bodenstein home has been fixed and the faulty geyser and old pipes replaced.

We will shortly start with renovating the kitchen and dining room at the Merle home, and some minor repairs and maintenance to the electrical- and CCTV systems at Dion home. The girls also had a request for electricity in their play-house to allow sleepovers, and this will happen in due course by a qualified electrician.

The security systems at two of the homes are still outstanding and we await feedback from a donor where it is being considered.

The children are busy preparing for term tests, assessments and exams before the school holiday in less than 4 weeks. Due to their past circumstances, some struggle a bit with school work and concentration, and this keeps the housemothers and tutors very busy. Stress levels are high, and the various school revues and concerts aren’t making it easier. There is also a dance festival scheduled for the girls in early September.

Breaking news is that we managed to secure 2 weeks of accommodation at the South Coast for 9 children during December. This is exciting as they have not had an away holiday for about 4 years, and it being at the coast!

The See-Me-Stitch skills development programme is a new project that are being planned and budgeted. It will be for our permanent adolescent girls for training in sewing, embroidery and entrepreneurial skills.
Thank You

Again we want to thank all our donors, sponsors and volunteers for all the hard work and support throughout the year. This helps us to continue our work and support for the beneficiaries. Surplus perishable goods are shared with other children’s-, men’s- and female homes.

This time we are not sharing a list of needs, for the reason that we do not want to appear to be asking for support all of the time. We are grateful as it is, and if you have surplus of any unused items, from housewares, clothes or equipment, you are welcome to donate.

We want to wish every reader and supporter all of the best and are looking forward to the last few months of the year before Christmas.