Sponsor a child
A little goes a long way!

Sponsor a Child

Your sponsorship of an orphaned or abandoned child will help cover the costs of caring for the child. Unless legally restricted, you will receive a photo and brief biography, plus semi-annual updates on the progress of your sponsored child. You will also be able to send letters, photos and birthday cards to Baby Moses for delivery to your child.

Unlike some sponsorship programs, where the children live at home (usually with their parents) and the sponsor provides a modest supplement, Baby Moses provides for the entire care of the children. This includes accommodations, food, clothing, medical care, playtime equipment, and education. In order to cover the operating costs for these complete services, multiple sponsors are necessary for each child.

If you wish to sponsor one or more children, please complete and submit the sponsorship form. We will choose (based on your preference of a boy or a girl) a child that is most in need of sponsorship and send his/her biography and photo (unless legally restricted) to you. You can pay by check monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually or you can donate online through our Paypal system.

All donations (private or corporate) are tax-deductible and receipts are issued annually.

You may send letters and photos to your sponsored child (no gifts please). Please indicate the full name of the child, and include your full mailing address so that the child can reply