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Posted by: Christo De Klerk 3 years, 10 months ago

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Baby Moses - Mother Theresa


In the short time that I’ve worked at Baby Moses I have learned a couple of things. From getting to know the crazy founders, people questioning my choices, saying goodbye to routine and realizing that this is going to be my job for life. And of course, capturing all of it.

1. The founders are crazy

I think you have to be a bit crazy to start a charity. Especially if you are married and you and your spouse decide to quit your jobs and start a charity together. I’ve never met such crazy, fun-loving and selfless people like Christo and Lanie. I sometimes think they’re zombies who never sleep and just work, work, work. I hope I’m crazy like them one day. Crazy enough to do what matters and selfless enough to keep on doing it.

2. People will continuously question your path

When people hear I work at a charity they usually think and respond the same way. Most people think aww that’s so nice of me to do it for a couple of months. But then when they hear I plan on doing it for a very long time they question my path. Friends, family and acquaintances wonder if it is because I don’t have ambition or maybe because I’m too lazy to get a “real” job. I giggle a bit when people question me and my choices. Mostly because it just motivates me more to keep on doing what I’m doing and also because sometimes when everybody is against me, it just confirms that I’m heading in the right direction.

3. Every day is different

I was used to a job where every day looked the same and had the same routine which made it predictable. At Baby Moses every day and every week is different. You never know who is going to show up, email you or what’s going to happen at one of the houses or with one of the kids. Who knew I would love unpredictable days. Turns out I don’t like routine that much and love that every day is a new adventure.

4. You won’t stick with it for long, unless you really care

Apparently money talks. In a charity there would firstly have to be money for it to talk. Working at a charity is not a job but a more a way of living. It’s deciding and realizing that if I’m not 100% in if for the love of the cause I won’t stick with it for long. It’s realizing that the only thing that will keep me here and keep me motivated is me. Money, incentives and all those glamorous things don’t apply. What applies is what I care about and what is important to me. In the end what matters is all the children and trying to make a difference in some of their lives.

5. Capture it all

Time flies by. The children have already changed and grown up so much since I’ve started working here. And the only way to really capture it all is through photos. A lot of photos. I sometimes feel like I need to walk around with a camera around my neck to make sure I don’t miss anything. Regret is when you look back a year from now and realize all your memories weren’t captured on film.

It’s strange how these five things have opened my eyes, adjusted my mindset and altered my perspective about life, love and children. Looking back on my time at Baby Moses so far I can’t help but be excited and optimistic about all the things that are yet to come! I feel privileged to be able to continue on with my journey and still keep on learning and loving more and more. 

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