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Posted by: Christo De Klerk 5 years, 10 months ago


The ringing of the phone immediately has both Christo and me awake. At 3h00 in the morning, it can only be bad news! When Christo hears the voice of the person on the other side, he still angrily asks: “Do you realise that it is three in the morning!?”

But when the officer identifies himself as police, the first thing that goes through Christo’s mind is that our son must have been involved in an accident. Just a little while before, he had to get up for one of the children who were thirsty and wanted something to drink. Our son was not yet back from visiting with friends.  (And yes! Christo sometimes does night duty!) But fortunately our son was safe.

“Please Sir. It’s a small baby. She was found on a pavement in Tsepisong. Will you take her in?”  And so begins the rush in the early morning hours to quickly prepare for our new addition.  Finding formula, nappies, toiletries and blankets is no problem, but finding the baby bottles is quite another thing. 


Then the squirming, crying little bundle arrives. The 3 constables are in a hurry and leave without supplying paperwork or any other information. The investigation will only start when they hand over to the next shift.

We still need to find bottles and leave the baby with the nanny whilst we jump in the car to fetch bottles at the storeroom at the girl’s house. In less than 10 minutes we are back, but this baby doesn’t want anything to do with latex teats! She wants a breast! Something that we cannot provide her with! In the end we feed her a bowl of milky baby cereal and she falls asleep in the nanny’s arms.

We also cannot find any girl baby clothes and end up dressing her in a white vest and blue socks. Luckily our friends and supporters rally behind us and soon our little girl has the most beautiful wardrobe.

She came without a name and calling her Baby would not do. A supporter who over the months became a very dear friend is given the honours of naming her. And so Grace became her new name.

Gracie is the size of a 3 month old baby, but we estimate her to be between 6 and 10 months old. She sits, is starting to crawl and says ‘Mama’. We gave up on the formula and she now drinks Rooibos tea with a little cow’s milk. She still doesn’t like the artificial teats, but at least take a few sips at a time.

Sleeping peacefully on my bed, another little girls watching television next to her, all the other kids at school ives me a short break to get my admin up to date.

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  • Andrew Hansen 5 years, 10 months ago

    Cool Story!

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  • herma wessels 5 years, 9 months ago

    My sister, riekie baird, just told me about you not 30mins ago. I jut had to search the internet. I think its wonderful what you do, will deffo be telling others ans share your website

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