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Posted by: Christo De Klerk 6 years ago


The month of May is the beginning of our new financial year, and looking back we are grateful to have seen the end of a both difficult and exciting year. It is your support that made it the success it was and without it we would not have been able to do it alone.

It included two restorations of two new homes, the moves, a home burning down due to arson and narrow escape for the 6 girls and housemother, the death of a baby, burglary, 4 new staff, 8 new admissions, lengthy hospital stay for one very sick child and a holiday at the coast for the kids. For your support, donations, prayers and hand during this this, we thank you!

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  • Andrew Hansen 6 years ago

    Great to see all of the good work you are doing. Keep it up

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  • Jeffrey Stilwell 6 years ago

    Great to hear about this!

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