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The plight of abandoned babies came to our attention in 2002. Inspired by the abandonment and fostering of the Biblical Moses, we opened our first home, in Roodepoort, in April 2003. In 2008 we expanded to admit toddlers and in 2012 we began admitting teenagers.

By 2012 we had admitted more than 200 children and placed more than 140 with adoptive or foster families. As long as there is space we continue to admit any abandoned child, whether disabled, abused or terminally ill. 


In South Africa, child abandonment has become an enormous problem. Struggling with AIDS, addiction, rape and poverty, South Africans abandoned some 2,583 infants in 2011 – 36% more than in 2010.

In Gauteng, the country’s most populous province, there were 358 reported cases of babies abandoned in Gauteng in 2001. By 2011, Beeld Newspaper estimated that the number had grown to about 1,000 a year. Some believe that actual abandonments are much higher as many any cases go unreported.